Logic Model (3 drafts 5pts., 5pts., 10pts)

20 points (20% of your final grade) Due date: September 13th on Canvas

Submission: To submit upload a Word document of your logic model to Canvas. Please reference the rubric at the bottom of this assignment when completing your drafts.


For this assignment, you will map linkages from your intervention to the conditions you would like to address.

Why this is important.

This is important because far too often, good-intentioned people spend resources on ideas that do not work or there was no need for in the first place. By purposefully mapping the theory to an outcome that meets identified needs in your target population, you will get in the habit of using a scientific approach to do good and increase the odds of creating real-world change by addressing the social and/or behavioral determinants of those conditions.


You will work on this assignment throughout the course in several drafts, for which there will be professor and peer feedback on before turning the final logic model is due.


To complete the assignment itself, you may choose any circumstance that you would like to change, which will be the same as your proposal project. If you are unsure what topic you may choose one from the list of topics on Canvas.

You will submit your assignment on Canvas by uploading your logic model grid.

You may submit it as a Word doc, PowerPoint, Google doc or basically any format that will allow the teacher to view and comment on. 

The steps involved to complete this assignment are as follows:

For the assignment itself, fill out and turn in the template provided here:  

Intervention Theory Determinants Behavior Goal
 –> –> –> –> 


Intervention Theory Determinants Behavior Goal
Provide health professionals to Hollywood production companies for fact-consultation free of charge in trade for removing tobacco use portrayed in their films and TV shows.–>Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) Construct: Observational Learning    –>The high-class and “cool” image of “smokers” portrayed in the media–>Social modeling  –>Reduce tobacco use

Rubric 1: A guide for your success

 BeginningDevelopingAccomplishedExemplaryWhere you are currently at  
GoalYou have a clear goalYour goal is specificYour goal is RealisticYour goal defines measurement and time, is realistic and specific to your population 
BehaviorYou have a clearly identified a changeable behavior that can be linked to the outcomeYou have research the phenomenon Identified a few behaviors that can be linked to the outcome  You show the motivation for the behavior and research its link to the outcomeConsideration of the verity of behaviors that can be attributed to the problem. The motivation for the behavior and ecological level from which it stems 
DeterminantsYou have some idea about what might cause the behaviorYou have Research the known knowledge on the underlying causes of these behaviorsYou have moved beyond the individual and are now thinking about social, economic and biological determinantsYou are considering the culture when identifying determinants       
TheoryYou have picked a health promotion theory that in some way gets at the determinants of the behaviorYou have picked a health promotion theory that gets at the determinants of the behavior and have broken it out into its specific constructsYou have researched the determinants and reviewed existing health promotion theories and selected theories and constructs that directly address each determinantYou have shown a clear link from each theory construct to the determinant and cited papers that cite this theory as being the one that addresses the known determinants the best within your target population. 
InterventionYou have thought of some ideas that might address the underlying determinants of the problemYou have selected interventions that are based on the theories you selectedYou have found programs that already exist that are based on those theories and the research shows they workYou tailor existing theory-based interventions to your target population ensuring that you do not contradict any culturally important practices values attitudes and believes while still addressing
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