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5-Day Challenge: Creating Accessible Canvas Content (Self-Paced)


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Host: Noah Ringler, PFF Fellow Co-Host: Shamini Dias, PFF Director


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Wednesday 3 PM is Tamar’s Class, you need to go find the link (Schedule)

Shelby’s Class is also on Wednesday (Schedule)

You need to run your new webinar description by Shamini (When will you write it? When will you send it? Decide today)

You need to finalize dates and descriptions in the Excel Sheet for Sarah to post

Here is What Shamini is Using to Edit

Here is What Sarah is Using to Ge the Events Information Posted

Please do remember to post your finalized Summer webinar details (as you would like them to appear on the website) in this spreadsheet –[…]Webinars-%20Final.xlsx&action=default&mobileredirect=true

  1. Deadline Review (Summer = 2 webinars, 1 blog, 1 spotlight) 
  1. May 17 – move two webinars (one standard one topical) to final webinar schedule, keep the other webinar for Fall  
  1. May 17 – Second webinar slides due (one per person)  
  1. May 24 – Spotlight – find 1 person to interview. Submit name. (we’re down to 3) 
  1. Individual Dates – Blog post – write 1 blog post on any ideas from webinar or something else you are reading. (500-800 words) 
  1. July 1 – Fall webinar dates, descriptions 


  1. May 3 – Slides for standard webinars due (Standard = DVS, TPS, LMS, Website, SLOs) 
  1. May 10 – Second webinar slides due (one per person) 
  1. April 5 – Date, title & descriptions of Summer webinars 
  1. Two new and one standard 
  1. June 1st – Aug. 21st Summer Semester 
  1. Don’t do webinars on Monday’s  
  1. April 12 – Slides for standard webinars due 
  1. DVS, TPS, LMS, Website, SLOs 
  1. April 19 – Second webinar slides due (one per person) 
  1. May 10 – Summer Spotlight Interview & Blog post (500-800 words)   

Webinar Ideas

  • Zoom Class management
  • how to read emotions when you can’t see students
  • helping students lead discussions / presentations in class
  • leading difficult topics on Zoom (sensitive topics)


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