Practicum & Portfolio with Aragon

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0 units, Pass Fail Grades, workload is the same as 4 Units. A passing grade is 80%.

Points possible are 100 points:

6 Points for professionalism

37 Points for the Syllabus

5 Points for the Teaching Demo & Annotated lesson plan, OR Research Talk

27 Points for the LMS

20 Points for the (optional) Website, OR social media page, OR other portfolio items  

5 Points for the Reflexive essay

The Whole Syllabus, 37 Points 37 % of total Grade Due by October 24th , 2023

Here is a rough plan with milestones for you

3Sep 12Syllabus – Student Learning Outcomes 
4Sep 19Syllabus – Assignments & Assessments 
5Sep 26Syllabus – Assignments & Assessments 
6Oct 3Syllabus – Constructive Alignment 
7Oct 10Syllabus – Input material & course schedule 
8Oct 17Syllabus – Guidelines/policies and resources 
9Oct 24Teaching DemonstrationsWhole Syllabus
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