Read the following descriptions of 24 character strengths. Everyone uses these strengths at times.
What we would like you to do is to put a check in the box next those strengths that are absolutely
essential to you, that define who you are as a person, that are part of who you are. For example, someone
who has devoted their life to helping others might choose Kindness as one of his essential strengths,
someone who prides herself on being able to figure out other people might consider Social Intelligence
key to who she is, and someone who is constantly seeking out new information might consider Love of
Learning to be essential. Most people check just a few essential strengths.
here are some people who believe none of these characteristics is more essential to who they are
than any of the others. If so, don’t check any of the strengths. In the last row, check None of these
characteristics is more essential to who I am than any of the others.
Please describe the person you are, NOT the person you wish you could be. Also, think about your
life in general, not how you behaved in 1-2 situations.
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