“In PFF 531, the fellow I was assigned, Johnathan Aragon, was inspirational, encouraging,
and nurturing transformational growth throughout the semester. He was patient through our one-on-one meetings, providing detailed explanations and coaching throughout times of struggle (especially when the task involved coding). The passion, partnered with his humor, made for an approachable and enjoyable experience when discussing troubles or moments of confusion. Johnathan offered reassurance and constant support, always inviting me to shoot him an email or schedule an additional appointment whenever needed. These fantastic qualities highlighted qualities I wish to adopt when I am a professor, as he successfully created an environment and experience that allowed me to learn, grow, and take a risk when the opportunity was granted.”

“Creating the Canvas site with Jonathan was equally enjoyable. I am not the most tech friendly student or educator, but going through the process, learning the basics of Canvas from the other side, and some extras in terms of design challenged my beliefs on tech. I found myself excited to have a new set of tools and methods to transfer to the learning management system on my website. As an educator working to remove preconceptions, I was content to overcome a couple of my own.”

” I am grateful to have had with Jonathan throughout the latter half of the PFF journey, as an introvert sometimes the best way to prepare yourself as an instructor is learning how to speak candidly in addition to accepting critique and guidance where I am unable or uncertain of my own standing.”

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