• April 27, 2021 (Halloween is 6 Months away)
  • April 26, 2021

    April 27, 2021

    I will now proceed to have the most fun in my life ever. I will have so much fun writing this dissertation! I will go on adventures with my honey. I will meet new people, pary and be mary here at home, I will take the friendships I have formed over the last year and expand those to doing fun activities togeather. This is how you really get a job. You coloaberate with frinds. Work is play.

    It is 6:29 now, what do I need to do today to feel good about myself tomorrow . . . I need to organize my Annual review first, and paper, then plan my week.

    7.94 MONTHS until Christmas from today, roughly 8, Thanksgiving 7, Halloween is 6 Months away:

    This is important because here is when I start to feel festive. If I can have the bulk of my important work done by Halloween then I can roll into the other holidays carefree and ready to party! Your honey want do do something and so you have better take initiative on that.

    Today I got up at 4 am.

    I started working by 5 am.

    I spent some time logging the results of yesterday and did some life management stuff (tracking)

    I did some work stuff.

    Random idea: A book to accompany every YouTube Video. You can track the number of downloads / Amazon. If you provide an audio book, e-book, and purchasable paperback. Electronic books are free the paper costs.

    Good book title: How a bumbling good for nothing did something good for something

    Something that I am learning is to stay focused on the client perspective, what do they really care about, and driver on that first. Then look for ways to go the extra mile that aline with your own goals.

    Well . . . Seems like I made the right choice, they recognized the video edit for FYE and did not expect anyone to have slides done. They want to look good to the rest of APD and getting that link up ASAP was critical to that. This conforms our suspicions that

    Oaky I went until 3am and fell asleep while the video was uploading to YouTube so that is 4 hours of tied up computer time. WOW ! That is also because I massed with the audio a lot.

    April 26, 2021

    Started the day at midnight
    Checked email and slack at the start of the day.

    I Got a video order in so I swished focus to that.

    Started editing at 12:38, let’s see how long this takes.

    The one thing I have to do is to prepare slides for Summer webinar and orginize for my Monday meeting so let’s just do that

    Things that are on my backburner are: Anual review preap, quals prep, manuscript development, emial allison, and Cindy, research on uncertantu, enjoyment and social normes in a pandemic.

    Someday, but not too far away, get that footage done for WCT Peeps.

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