The Claremont Colleges Comedic Storytelling


“Comedic Storytelling was a worthwhile event for everyone to attend. How often do we get to connect as a larger 5C community in such an authentic and fun way? Hearing people’s stories and experiences through their lenses in a format that made the audience laugh.”

“It’s important to feel connected to those around us. Taking a moment to enjoy the event as a staff member of the 5Cs was also invaluable.”

“I think people need to take a moment away from their studies and work to connect with each other and this was an awesome opportunity for that.”

“I’m not going to lie, I probably wouldn’t have attended had my friend not invited me, but I’m so glad I did. “

“Thought provoking stories that also happened to be funny.”

“Performers so comfortable on stage it did not feel like debut or first-time for any of them. Bravo!’,”

“I had an amazing time watching stand up”

“I’d like to hear more stories!”

“I wish I was as good as the student comedians to tell stories!” 

“The show left me feeling impressed and joyous” 

“Inspiring, fun, and carefree!” 


Student Testimonials

“I had never had much interest in standup before, but after listening to Johnathan and Shamani and writing my own set I realized how much fun it was. Within a month I went from a total beginner to performing my own set in an actual show. The whole class was a great experience that let me be myself.”

“The Comedic Storytelling program was a really fun and empowering experience led by wonderfully supportive teachers.”

“Professors Jonathan Aragon and Shamini Dias are masters of their crafts!”

“I feel a strong connection to my cohort and the professionals who lead the class.”

“I now feel very optimistic and confident””I am energized”

“I feel Happy and proud!”

“I am feeling fulfilled and eager to challenge myself in other ways”

“It has taught me to see things through and finish what I start, no matter how uncomfortable, awkward, and cringe it may be.”

“I truly felt like I could be seeing one of my classmates with a Netflix stand-up special!” 

“Performing for a group of students and friends gave me a chance to show them a side of me that I don’t normally show others.”

“It was fun and memorable – I’m a staff member!”

“Enhanced my experiences with the Claremont colleges.”

“It made the end of my college experience a lot more exciting to look forward to. It also gave me an actual opportunity to try and pursue a passion I’ve been thinking about for a long time but never had the chance to try.”

“It has taught me to see things through and finish what I start, no matter how uncomfortable, awkward, and cringe it may be.”

“It’s always nice to be surrounded by funny people. I enjoyed the diverse perspectives of multiple instructors who gave insight to how storytelling, theatre/acting, and movement play a role in stand-up comedy. 

“This class introduced me to standup and made me realize how much I enjoyed performing. I wouldn’t have ever tried it otherwise.”

“I realized I’m not as stage shy as I previously thought.”

“It’s been a great experience and has made me feel like a part of the 5C community.”

“It definitely got me out of my comfort zone. I think it was just nice to do something personal for myself, especially something as bold and brave as this. I’m really happy with how it went.”

“Encouraged risk taking.”

“It’s made me feel capable and interested me in similar future opportunities.”

“It’s prompted me to consider other ways in which I can challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone.”

“Got me back on the stage for the first time in a long time – but with a new creative outlet!”~ Feedback from my students 

~ Class of Spring 2023

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